Britney Spears is being investigated for alleged battery with an employee

Well! The news also contacted her representative for comment and did not respond.

The Grammy winner has not publicly commented on the alleged incident. On August 19, she posted a photo of Instagram which showed a Hans Zacka picture of a woman with her back pressed to her neck. She wrote the post “Obviously wants privacy” with emoticon shoulders. Spears later posted a photo of a girl leafing through her bird wrote“I have a feeling she has clarified her idea quite clearly.”

She shared and Sofia Loren quote about “fountain of youth”, along with topless photo to yourself. Earlier in the day, Spears published a message to raise public awareness of the coronavirus pandemic to encourage fans to stay home.

Spears is in the midst of an ongoing legal battle to end her conservatism for 13 years. Last week, her father, Jamie Spears,, said he was “ready” to retire as quaestor of her manor when the time came. According to his court ruling on August 12, he maintained that the request for his removal was “unfair”, but said that he “did not believe that a public battle with his daughter for his continued service as her quaestor would be at its best. and interest. “

She said it conservatism is “abusive” and controlling, and her father asked the court to investigate her allegations.

His lawyer wrote last week that the law was introduced in 2008 because it was in a “crisis”, saying: “Not only did she suffer mentally and emotionally, but she was also manipulated by predators and in financial difficulties. the salvation of his daughter to protect her. He continued, “Mr. Spears has always done what he thinks is in his daughter’s best interest.”

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