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The battle over whether the toilet seat stays up or down has been fought in many households over the years. A new startup claims to have solved that problem.

Kevin Tang S., who claims to be something of a toilet expertPeople can’t remember to close the lid and sit down It helps prevent their bathrooms, pets, personal belongings – or other people – from falling. Outdoors, there are times when the seat is better: Tang and his team of fellow student entrepreneurs have found that a raised seat in public places keeps the toilet more hygienic — a mess when people don’t bother to raise it before using the toilet because a collapsed seat can be lowered.

After years of research and perfecting their toilet technology, Tang and his co-founders said they are now ready to release two products to please bathroom users in both of these situations. Their startup, Clina, is selling a self-priming toilet seat for commercial use and a self-lowering toilet seat for the home.

Tang is a graduate of Boston University and was named to the BostInno 25 Under 25 Class of 2022. The co-founders include fellow BU alumni Andy Chang and Max Pounanov, and Richard Lee from MIT. After taking some introductory entrepreneurship classes, Tang said they met and teamed up at cross-school mixer events because they wanted to enter BU’s new venture competition.

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