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The Mendoza College of Business, located here at the University of Notre Dame, is recognized as one of the top undergraduate business programs in the country. With top-level faculty in their fields and a commitment to “bring the best in business”, Mendoza’s graduates have achieved great success in their post-graduate careers, finding work placements in top consulting firms, investment banks and accounting firms. . However, some of us have chosen to take an unconventional path as we begin to build our career paths.

Here at Notre Dame, I am majoring in Marketing and focusing on Television Studies in Film, Television and Theater. This combination of majors is what sets me apart from the majority of finance and accounting students at Mendoza. Throw in an FTT major, and I was considered an “exceptional” student even in the marketing major.

From the beginning of my college and career discernment process, I knew that I ultimately wanted to work in marketing in the entertainment industry. Notre Dame offered fields of study that would equip me with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in such a role, so Notre Dame was a perfect fit for me. However, once I started looking for internship opportunities during my sophomore year, I became concerned that because of my strong job interest, Notre Dame might not have the same resources or network that they might have for a traditional business student. Thankfully, that was quickly proven wrong.At the end of my sophomore year, I logged onto my Irish Compass account (I like to call it LinkedIn, but it’s specifically for Notre Dame networking) in hopes of finding a student job in my field. A few hours later, I not only met an alumni who works at NBCUniversal, but we were already there.


He made an appointment to meet next week. During the call, the student shared an internship opportunity she completed during her time at Notre Dame. I applied for the same position over the weekend and was accepted. This opportunity was to intern at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. While I was there, I connected with an American film sales company and worked with them for the duration of the festival, being able to attend the festival screenings myself. To aid my ability to complete this internship, I was awarded an internship from the Nanovic Institute for European Studies here on campus. After returning from France, I spent the summer in NYC working as a digital marketing intern at Def Jam Recordings, a rap and R&B label at Universal Music Group. I spent my time gathering data and feedback on artists’ performance and social media presence, launching the Def Jam Discord server, and brainstorming TikTok campaign ideas for new releases.

If you’re like me and know you don’t want to go to a Big Four accounting firm or become an investment banker, Notre Dame (and Mendoza) are still for you. The Mendoza education and great Notre Dame education you receive here as a student will not only prepare you to get in, but to thrive in the company or industry you want to work for, regardless of your major or career path. Even if it seems like everyone in your Finance 1 class is going to a top consulting firm and you’re alone in your career aspirations, know that you’re not. There are many resources for students on and off campus who want to help you pursue your passions, no matter how unusual. So, if you want to work at a film festival, or a music label, or anywhere, do it! Notre Dame can help you get there.

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