Business leaders praise Governor Abbott’s property tax cut plan Office of the Governor of Texas


May 30, 2023 | Austin, Texas | press release

Statewide business associations shared their strong support for Governor Greg Abbott’s property tax cut plan, the #1 agenda item announced in special session today, which will lower property tax rates and control property taxes for all Texans.

Texas Oil and Gas Association President Todd Staples: “We appreciate Governor Abbott’s commitment to lowering school property tax rates. A broad increase in the property tax rate benefits all taxpayers equally, and every taxpayer wins. We thank the Senate and House for their commitment to providing meaningful tax relief and hope they will act quickly to reduce these rates as this is a fair and effective way to deliver relief.

Tony Bennett, president and CEO of the Texas Association of Manufacturers“The Legislature will convene this morning. Manufacturers have long favored price compression as the fairest way to lower property taxes for all Texans. While lawmakers have proposed many proposals to help Texas taxpayers during the 88th regular session, TAM encourages both chambers to approve rate hikes in the first called session, a move that would help all taxpayers equally and share the burden. “

Texas Chemical Council President and CEO Hector RioroWe thank Governor Abbott for his commitment to providing meaningful tax relief for all Texans. Reducing the property tax rate is fair to all taxpayers and encourages the state to remain competitive. Texas has the sixth-highest property tax rate on industrial property in the United States. The rate hike is a fair and effective way to ensure that everyone — from homeowners to businesses — gets meaningful tax relief, making Texas a great state to live and work in.

Texas Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Glen Hammer: “[The Texas Association of Business] He fully supports Governor Abbott’s call for property tax relief. Price compression ensures that everyone wins and is treated equally, from businesses to homeowners. This is another example of why Governor Abbott is the most business-friendly governor in the country.

Texas Apartment AssociationProperty taxes are the largest operating expense for rental property providers. We applaud Governor Abbott’s plan to deliver meaningful tax reform that benefits all taxpayers and provides fair relief for all Texans. We look forward to working with the Texas Legislature to achieve this. done”

Yesterday, Governor Abbott announced Special Session Agenda #1, including directing property tax abatement dollars to reduce school property tax rates as the best way to eliminate property taxes.

Read more about the governor’s first special session agenda.


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