Business owners in the east end responded to Sunday’s killing


ROCHESTER, NY – Local business owners say they’re concerned about the future of the East Ave bar district after a Memorial Day killing spree. The deadly attack took place at the Powder City station, just as an event was wrapping up.

Police say 41-year-old Kimanhi Hinds was shot and killed, while the incident was wrapping up around 2:00 a.m. A security guard was shot and wounded, but is recovering.

“It was very sad, you know, when we heard about it, this neighborhood has had a lot of activity lately,” said Zach Wheeler, owner of Have Hope Tattoo.

His concern is mostly at night.

“As far as large groups of people go, we notice a little more vulgarity, a little more activity,” he said. “I mean, there were a few robberies, carjackings, things like that.”

They’re going big soon. The reason, Wheeler said, is not entirely about safety, but relief.

Monday’s killing comes a few months after another killing in the same area. On January 23, 25-year-old Michael Mathis was found shot multiple times in a parking lot at Eastern Ave and North Union Street.

“We would love to see more police,” said Michael O’Leary, owner of Temple Bar and Grill. We understand that they are currently doing everything they can.

O’Leary said part of staying safe is being proactive.

“We get rid of or demote everybody that most people don’t like,” he said. But, you know, we have a couple people who leave because they don’t want to go around, and I’m fine with that.

It is these changes that make him feel hopeful for better days.

Ericetta Cost: What does time say about the East Avenue neighborhood, should you implement these policies first?

Michael O’Leary, owner of Temple Bar and Grill: “Everywhere downtown has changed, that’s just the reality. I think we can either ignore it or be proactive.

Rochester police tell me they have a central unit that polices the downtown area and a list for East and Alexander Bar.

News10NBC also tried to reach out to the East Avenue Business Association, but the business owners told me they haven’t heard of anyone moving it, in years.

They are not talking publicly about the owner of the Powder City station until the investigation is complete.

Bob Duffy, president of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, released the following statement.

“The safety and security of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce
Our communities and businesses are very important. We were deep.
I was saddened to hear of the recent tragedy in Powder City.
East End Station.

We are committed to supporting a safe and prosperous environment for all
Find out about businesses around the Greater Rochester area, and that events
This can leave businesses reeling and worried. We recently hosted.
A public safety platform for our members with elected leaders and public safety
Officials including Mayor Malik Evans and part of the discussion in 2011
The importance of sharing feedback on a formal presentation. We encourage any.
If so, businesses in the East End or the region to contact us
They have a safety concern or need help. We are here to connect them
With resources, guidance and support to meet their needs.

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce a
A safe and prosperous business community throughout our region and will continue
To work with our members, local organizations and authorities to promote
Keeping safe and solving problems. Together we can create together
An area where businesses thrive and residents and visitors feel welcome

If you have additional questions or need more information,
Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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