Calling: Dianna Agron is the new It fashion-girl celeb.


The following is a bold statement, but hear me out. Dianna Agron is one of the hottest women in Hollywood. I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about this. Or maybe they are and I just don’t talk to enough people. Anyway, I’ve been studying her latest looks and they’re great. Agron, who has been working with stylist Chloe Hartstein, has been working on quiet luxury before it’s an official thing, and she’s clearly on Chanel’s radar as she’s attended several of their shows recently. she is as well On the cover Vogue July issue of Czechoslovakia. How’s all this for information?

Agron may have shot for fame. A smile, but in recent years, her career is very good, as it has been filled with several independent films. Recently she had several projects to promote including the movies Acidman And clock, And she served on the jury for this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. In addition to Chanel, some of her designers include The Row, Proenza Schouler, Prada and Khaite. But the best way to see what I mean is to study her recent appearance yourself. Keep scrolling to do just that and shop for pieces that match her aesthetic.


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