CDC staff canvasses East Palestine to investigate health risks of road degradation

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials arrived in East Palestine, Ohio, on Saturday to investigate the potential health risks of a rail derailment after local residents expressed concern that it could cause cancer or harm their health.

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The CDC has begun visiting East Palestine, encouraging residents to discuss their symptoms and long-term health concerns. basis For NBC News.

The CDC joined a group of officials from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. advertisement At the White House last week, all three agencies will be reaching out to support local response efforts.

The residents of the city from February 3, 2010 basis To CNN, some expressed concern about the chemicals released by some train cars — even though the EPA He said earlier There was no health risk.

Despite the statement, the EPA has It is mentioned That vinyl chloride—115,580 gallons of it—was released as a result. basis For Beta- Inhalation increases the risk of liver cancer.

A large number

43,222. How many animals have died in East Palestine and the surrounding area after the train derailment basis To the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Of these, 38,222 are small and the remaining 5,500 are other fish, crayfish and amphibians.

What should be seen

Data collection by the CDC is expected to continue for up to two weeks, which could delay results from the data by more than a month.

Key background

The EPA is leading cleanup efforts in East Palestine, Ohio, where the Norfolk Southern train derailed on February 3. No deaths have been reported since the incident, although some residents continue to report negative health problems and express concerns about the possible long-term impact on the environment. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg — following a visit by EPA Administrator Michael Reagan — visited the city earlier this week and It is called. Strict regulations on the railway industry. First Report The National Transportation Safety Board has urged crew members to slow down the train while the train is loaded in connection with the derailment. Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the crash or whether the damaged wheel bearing played a role.

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