Chanel Formula 1 T Talk Trends As Atelier Jolie Takes Fashion Headlines


Finally, Chanel has been sensationalized by Gen Z for a new release that isn’t taken from the archive. Influencer Madeleine White published Instagram post From the Cruze 2022/23 collection is an image of Sebastian Vettel’s car wearing an embroidered Formula 1 T-shirt. Although unattainable $4,450 (31,700 RMB) price tagThe Internet is crowded.

So far, the brand has only been seen on TikTok for nostalgic 1990s throwbacks, from popstar Olivia Rodrigo wearing a ’90s Chanel dress to the White House to meet US President Joe Biden in 2021, to its beloved vintage handbags.

Chanel Formula 1T, therefore, is expanding the brand’s modern reputation among Gen Z.

With its hefty price tag, It is reported Only one Formula 1 T-shirt in each size will be distributed to each Chanel store worldwide – making it a coveted collector’s item.

Another major generator taking over news feeds this week is Angelina Jolie’s sustainable fashion project, Atelier Jolie. The brand has unveiled its first collection with Chloé, which will be creative director Gabriela Hearst’s last project before parting ways with the French luxury house.

According to Jolie, Chloé’s B-Corp certification status was a key driver behind the collaboration – a designation given to companies that meet certain social and environmental criteria.

Beside these two main news, this week Cooperation and drops Baunat Diamonds has quietly announced a partnership with Tesla on a series of travel events aimed at luxury consumers.

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Chanel x Formula 1

No one predicted that one of Virginie Venard's Chanel Cruise 2023 designs would go viral this summer.  Photo: Chanel

No one predicted that one of Virginie Venard’s Chanel Cruise 2023 designs would go viral this summer. Photo: Chanel

day – TBC

Product: Cruz 2022/23 Collection T-Shirt

Social Context: So far #Channel1 has garnered 7.7 million views on TikTok, with @madeleine_white’s top post alone getting 2.7 million views.

Judgment: Madeleine White’s Instagram and TikTok posts, made viral and influential by KOLs at the Monaco Grand Prix on May 28, give Chanel Formula 1T a valuable lesson in social media marketing.

Although the super-limited, high-cost t-shirt isn’t for the masses, the online buzz about it is deafening. Good marketing isn’t always about direct sales; Increasing relevance can be a key goal.

It’s no secret that Chanel creative director Virginie Viard’s collections aren’t very popular among Gen Z and millennials, so this makes T Chanel more relevant than ’90s nostalgia.

Chloe x Atelier Jolie

Chloe x Angelina Jolie

First collaboration for Angelina Jolie’s Atelier Jolie and last for Gabriela Hearst before leaving Chloe. Photo: Chloe

day – TBC

Product: A collection of clothes

Social Context: Chloé x Angelina Jolie’s first two Instagram posts attracted 6,257 likes and 9,293 likes. For reference, Chloe’s solo posts receive an average of 2,000 likes each.

Judgment: Co-designed by Chloé Creative Director Hearst and Atelier Jolie founder Jolie, the collection is historic as it was Hearst’s last project before leaving Chloé.

Coincidentally, the news came on the same day that Hearst announced her resignation, and as a result, the French luxury house dominated the headlines this week.

The collaboration reflects Atelier Jolie’s sophisticated, sustainability-focused brand identity (Chloé is a B-Corp company) and is helping the house clear its name in the luxury industry. All proceeds are invested in vocational training for dressmakers and artisans at Atelier Jolie.

The collaboration demonstrates the extent to which a new brand can shape its identity by partnering with like-minded collaborators. It also helps an established name like Chloé to publicize its B-Corp status.

Baunat Diamonds x Tesla

The first event baunat tesla

First event of Baunat and Tesla in Beligum. Photo: Baunat

day – Winter 2023

Product: A series of international events to promote Baunat Jewelry’s new collection

Social Context: There is no social media campaign, but Baunath has 21,600 followers on Instagram and only 142 on Twitter. Tesla, on the other hand, has 9.4 million followers on Instagram.

Judgment: The event-focused collaboration is a great introduction for both brands to engage with like-minded luxury consumers. Baunath sells the rings for more than $2,800, which means his customers can afford Tesla cars.

Baunath strives to position itself as a digitally native brand, and Tesla is renowned for its technological innovation.

Associating a brand with a similar consumer profile is a surefire way to sneak in sales. In addition, in-person events allow luxury brands to interact more closely with VIP consumers.


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