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The City of Joliet is cracking down on companies operating without the required business license.

The issue was discussed earlier this month by the City Council at 490 S. Hammes Ave., located in the Oak Leaf Industrial Park. It was when he was asked to approve a zoning and special use permit for an Illinois car and RV repair facility operating on

The council approved the request in its meeting on May 16, but after some questions were raised as to why the business was operating outside the state and without a license.

“Some people don’t know you need a permit to run a business like this,” City Planning Director James Tory told the council.

City Manager James Caparelli said the business was identified with the help of a regulator that seeks companies that operate without the required city license.

“We’ve made incredible progress because of that,” Caparelli said.

A city permit is not required for all businesses. But the truck repair business on Hams Ave does require a permit.

Tory has held the Hams Street location since the early 2000s, prompting questions from Councilwoman Jan Quilman.

“They should be penalized a little bit when they’ve been in business for so long,” said Quillman, who was the only absentee in the 8-1 vote on zoning and licensing necessary for the business.

The site and surrounding property have been used for industrial operations since the early 2000s, according to a staff report.

St. Jude’s Catholic Church and Parochial School are located 500 feet from the site.

Asta Kaupe, representing Illinois Car & RV Repair at the council meeting, said Illinois Car & RV Repair has only been around for the past four years and has been operating primarily on its own equipment. It was previously located in Romeville.

After the company became aware of the issues in Joliet, management decided to apply for the required zoning and permits, Kaupe said.

“We decided not to take risks and not make the differences,” said Kaupe. “We didn’t know we had to do this with our own equipment.”

According to a city staff report on the matter, the city called the business in April about trucks parked outside the property line and welding work being done outside the main building.

Tory said the approval of the zoning variance and special use permit includes city-imposed conditions to address concerns about how the business is operating.

The staff report also noted that Illinois Truck and RV Repair is a good fit for the location, which is surrounded by other trucking operations.


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