Chicago Tech Slam introduces future careers to students

CHICAGO (CBS) — A program aims to enrich the lives of black teenagers through the technological future.

CBS 2’s Andrew Ramos spent the day in Roseland with high school students on the South Side at the Chicago Tech Slam.

From the basics of building the perfect sneaker to getting a crash course in coding, these are all valuable skills that pave the way to opportunity these days.

This innovative event, the first of its kind in Chicago, is called the Chicago Tech Slam, where students from across the city get a chance to learn about the world of technology around them.

The Hidden Genius Project, a non-profit training and mentoring of Black male youth, partnered with Chicago-based Afterschool Matters and TEAM, Inc.

“Young people have the opportunity to make a real connection between sports, technology and the idea of ​​the streets. You can have a pro sports career without being on the court or on the field,” said Undercover CEO Brandon Nicholson. Genius project.

Tony Diaz of After School Affairs added: “There are careers for them in design, but there’s also a career path in data analysis, whether or not you want to go into sports.”

Sports analytics are on the agenda for the day as students gain insight into the data behind each major league sports game.

The California-based Hidden Genius Project is now preparing to open a new chapter in Chicago, expanding a program that has already impacted many lives.

Students who graduate from the program are not only exposed to the technology industry, but are also given the resources to prepare for a sustainable career path.

19-year-old Andrew Lubega, an alumni, will soon launch an app and eventually a clothing line.

“It gave me what I needed to feel a part of something,” Lubega said.

The Hidden Genius Project is currently accepting applications for its flagship 15-month Intensive Immersion Program in Chicago.

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