Chloe Trujillo has turned her passion for art into a business.


Chloe Trujillo grew up in a creative family in Paris, her parents were fashion designers and artists and her grandfather was an opera singer. Although Trujillo was a natural at art, she was also fascinated by science, Trujillo began studying the structure of matter and quantum mechanics at Pierre et Marie Curie University, but eventually found herself drawn back to the arts. Returning to art school, she rekindled her passion for art and art history. During that time, Trujillo re-incorporated herself into fashion design and music. Her unique creations, inspired by the vast human experience with a deep connection to the spiritual realm, are crafted with love and passion and imbued with the same mystical power.

After leaving her career as a quantum mechanic, Trujillo had to learn how to turn her art into a business. This can be one of the hardest transitions for creatives, as only 10% of art school graduates make money from their art. For her Trujillo business, she began making custom pieces for clients and buying them. Cultivating part-time relationships with clients from small paintings to huge projects is how she has built a reputation for paintings that are complex, layered and filled with joy and inspiration. Through the beauty of her perspective, the sensitivity of her spirit, and the sincerity of her purpose, Trujillo connects with her audience by letting the text, symbols, colors, and composition flow through her and the canvas. “My personal mission is to inspire and uplift as many people as I can through all of my creative work. I find that through art and music you can communicate on a deeper level than words. Art has been very healing for me, and I find colors, symbols or whole pieces can be very healing for others through vibrational frequencies. ” she says.

“I started showing in Paris, my hometown, but it wasn’t until I moved to America that my art started to get more attention. I started showing more and the growth of social media as well as articles in the press about my work helped spread the word. I think my success grew organically, mostly by word of mouth, from people I met who liked my art, I started receiving invitations to participate and exhibit in different parts of the world, London, Berlin,” she explained.

In the year In 2012, Trujillo launched her first line of silk scarves, which allowed her to translate her artwork into her favorite accessories and dress her clients with the pure joy and happiness she felt creating each piece. Made with silk and fine voile de coton from Lake Como in Italy, each scarf is created using selected elements and symbols from her various paintings. While Paris-based Colette was the first to carry the label, you’ll now find it in select boutiques around the world alongside handbags, swimwear and clothing emblazoned with her iconic art.

Her pieces have been shown in Paris, Los Angeles, London and San Francisco, while her artwork is currently represented at Tracy Park Gallery in Malibu, California. She was recently selected to design the women’s Olympic swimwear with her artwork, “This year’s highlight is designing the swimwear for the Olympic Artistic Swimming Team USA. . As with any of my pieces, I like to “scan” and let the design come through me, making it deeply meaningful and impactful. Everything I create has a level of perception, the reception of my paintings can be interpreted on many levels, it all has a subtle symbolism through the use of symbols, colors, suitable shapes and forms, and this project is no different. She was the recipient of the 2022 Juice Merit Award for “Extraordinary Creativity” and was also recently nominated for the Josie Music Awards for Best Female Vocal Performance. :

For Trujillo, he brought art, music and fashion into her career, bringing her full glory. Her advice to new artists is to never give up even though it’s a daunting task. “Believe in yourself and keep going!” she exclaims. Although it’s hardly an artist’s forte, you have to treat your art like a business, decide how you can make a living from your art. From multiple prints to originals or commissions, it’s important to get it seen by many eyes.

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