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Customers enjoy new features including emergency dental and emergency outpatient benefits

hong kong, July 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Cigna Healthcare Hong Kong today announced the launch of the updated Cigna Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) series – Flexi Plan (Advanced), which provides new coverage for emergency dental and outpatient benefits, giving customers greater protection. Not only for inpatient condition but also for urgent outpatient treatment to meet their emergency needs.

“As health service providers, we must play our part to reduce the pressure on the stretched public health system. hong kong” he said Jonathan SpiersCEO of Cigna Healthcare Hong Kong. “Our updated Flexi Plan (Advanced) addresses this issue by offering more comprehensive yet affordable medical benefits than any other VHIS plan in the market. This reflects Cigna Healthcare’s commitment to improving the health and lives of those we serve by making health care more fulfilling.”

Since its first launch in 2019, Cigna Healthcare Hong Kong’s VHIS Series has been poised to provide customers with enhanced medical care at an affordable price. It has been widely acclaimed as the preferred choice of customers in the market. In particular, the Flexi Plan (Superior) has been recognized by 10Life and was given a 10/10 coverage score and 5 star rating earlier this year.

While the original Flexi plan (Superior) was well received by customers, the new upgrades are specially designed to provide higher protection and more extensive coverage to meet people’s evolving medical needs and enhance their customer experience. Enhanced benefits and key features of the upgraded Flexi Plan (Advanced) include:

1. A key patient benefit of the policy year is eliminating the maximum number of days

The maximum number of days allowed per policy limit is waived for key patient benefits, room and board, attending physician visit fees, and intensive care.

2. Use of a new companion bed

The cost of an additional bed for an accompanying person in the hospital while the insured is incarcerated is covered without dollar limits.

3. A new emergency outpatient treatment benefit

If the insured receives emergency treatment for an injury in a hospital outpatient department, the dollar limit will not cover the cost of emergency treatment within 24 hours of the accident.

4. A new advantage of emergency dentistry

If an insured person receives emergency treatment at a legally registered dental clinic or hospital for an injury to natural teeth (including consultation, bleeding, extractions, root canals and x-rays), at the expense of a registered dentist within 2 weeks of the accident A medical doctor or hospital will cover such emergency treatment without any dollar limit.

Similar new benefits will be applicable for Cigna VHIS Series – Flexi Plan (SMM). Cigna Healthcare Hong Kong to celebrate 90Th In celebration of the anniversary, we will start a series of promotions. Customers enrolled in the upgraded Cigna VHIS Series – Flexi Plan (Superior) can avail up to 6 months of premium refund. They are also eligible for tax deductions on premiums paid. To learn more about the enhanced features and any promotional offers, please visit the Cigna Healthcare Hong Kong website:

About Cigna Healthcare Hong Kong

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