Claims Business: Davies, Overhaul and CMT

Davis acquired a software company and consulting business

Headquartered in London, Davis continues its US expansion with the acquisition of Fast Internet Software Solutions, a claims software designer and MVP consulting group that provides consulting services to property and casualty insurers.

Fast Internet, known as ClaimPilot, provides claims management software for property and casualty and workers’ compensation insurers, independent adjusters and third-party administrators.

The company, based in College Station, Texas, offers a software-as-a-service platform for claims tracking and reporting. The platform can be integrated with insurers’ electronic data exchange systems.

The company will be part of Davis’ global technology division. David Quick, president and CEO, will continue to lead the business, reporting to Jason Wolfe, president of technology.

Davis purchased MVP Advisory Group, a Chicago-based consulting practice. The company offers expertise in program management, quality assurance, data management and digital transformation and engagement, Davis said.

MVP will be part of Davis’ consulting division, led by Mark Grocott, CEO of Consulting and Technology. Davis said partners Russ Bostick and Don Vukovich will continue to run the business.

An update finds SensiGuard

Supply chain software provider Overhaul has acquired SensiGuard, a cargo security service.

The acquisition adds 350 employees to the Austin, Texas company’s payroll and gives Overhaul “a commanding share of the supply chain security market,” the company said in a press release.

“This is a transformational acquisition,” said Barry Conlon, founder and CEO of Overhaul. “It expands our global footprint, adds hundreds of thousands of supply chain experience to our team, and brings an impressive list of global clients under our umbrella.

The acquisition expands Overhaul’s global footprint, adding offices in Brazil, Mexico and the Czech Republic.

The two companies provide a “visibility engine” to protect cargo in transit, providing shippers with a system that reduces theft, damage and other cargo security risks, Overhaul said.

“Cargo theft is a billion-dollar industry and is one of the many threats to cargo security and integrity that shippers and logistics providers worldwide are grappling with every day,” said David Bray, Chief Overhaul Officer. “It is important that service providers not only keep up to speed, but also keep up with best practices and protective protocols to meet the challenges of sea and road transport.”

CMT gets Amazon

Cambridge Mobile Telematics has acquired Amodon, a rival telematics service provider in Europe.

“CMT is rapidly expanding its global footprint beyond the United States, where it serves 21 of the top 25 major insurers,” CEO William Powers said in a press release. He said the acquisition will add 100 people to the payroll.

Amodo CEO Marijan Mumdviv will remain as managing director of CMT Europe.

CMT says it operates 95 telematics programs in 25 countries, including nine in continental Europe.


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