Computer power provides new opportunities for technology organizations


A worker checks equipment at Guizhou University’s Public Big Data Computing Power Center on May 23. [Photo/Xinhua]

As companies innovate, more data mining potential is unlocked.

China’s computing power industry brings new development opportunities as major Chinese technology companies produce artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT, which require high requirements for computing power in the training process of large-scale language models.

Computing power, which serves as the core productive power in the era of digital economy, has become an important engine driving China’s economic growth and unlocking the potential of information in production, experts say.

Zhang Yong, chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group and CEO of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, said cloud computing serves as the best way to promote the large-scale application of AI. He noted that the group is committed to making computing and AI services accessible and inclusive for enterprises and developers.

Joining the chatbot race and positioning itself as a rival to ChatGPT, Alibaba announced Tonjie Qiawe, an AI big-language model, in April.

Baidu AI Cloud, the cloud computing unit of Baidu Inc., China’s largest online search engine firm, says that combining cloud computing with AI will lower the standard for enterprises to acquire and use AI technology. Baidu released its large language model and ChatGPT-like product, named Ernie Bot, in March.

The deputy general manager of the AI ​​Industry Research Institute, CCID, a consulting firm, said that AI model training has a high demand for computer power, and as the training intensity and computer complexity increase, the requirements for calculation accuracy are also gradually increasing. .

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China’s total computing power is now second in the world. In the year According to the ministry, by the end of 2021, there will be more than 450 super-large data centers in use nationwide, and more than 20 intelligent computer centers.

China’s computer power segment market scale in 2018 It will exceed 1.5 trillion yuan ($210.6 billion) in 2021, with revenue from cloud computing and Internet data center services exceeding 300 billion yuan, with more than 150 billion yuan, according to the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, the government. Think about it.

Last year, China launched a massive project that included the construction of eight national computing centers and 10 national data center clusters, marking the full realization of its strategy to bring more computing resources from the country’s eastern regions to the underdeveloped but resource-rich western regions. Swing

He said that the construction of a national computer power network will facilitate the allocation of resources and the efficient use of resources by handling and storing information transmitted from less developed regions to economically developed areas. That, in turn, solves data overload and imbalances in regional computing capacity.

“Most of China’s computer infrastructure is currently distributed in the eastern regions, while the western regions have the potential to increase the development of data centers and meet the data computing needs of the eastern regions,” said Yu Xiaohu, head of the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology.

Yu said the implementation of the East Data-West Computing Project is conducive to facilitating the allocation of national computing power, using green energy in the western regions, improving the energy efficiency of data centers, and nurturing emerging digital industries.

Southwest China’s Guizhou Province has become a leading player in China’s big data industry after being approved to host the country’s first comprehensive big data pilot area in 2016. According to Gizhu Big Data Development Management, annual turnover of data transfer and transactions. By 2025, it will exceed 10 billion yuan in the region.

Domestic and foreign technology companies such as Apple Inc., Huawei Technologies Co., Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. have established cloud computing and large data centers as well as regional headquarters due to the cold climate and sufficient power. Resources.

“With the rapid development and commercial application of 5G, the demand for information processing of the Internet of Things, AI and the Industrial Internet is increasing, which has stimulated the construction of data centers,” said Xiang Ligang, director general of information. Consumer Alliance, a telecom industry association.

Chinese high-tech companies should use new technologies to improve the operational efficiency of data centers and reduce power and energy consumption, Xiang said.


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