Correct instructions for clothing care


I think we all need to chill. Invest in the clothes we want, take good care of them, and one day pass them on to a new owner,’ says Frege Leuwenhaupt, founder and CEO of Steamery, a Scandinavian brand known for its satisfying range of clothing care products – from signature handheld steamers to a range of fabric shavers, brushes and lint rollers.

It’s an attitude that resonates with recent seasons as designers eschew throwaway trends in pursuit of so-called ‘discreet luxury’ – timeless logos or monograms made with opulent creations made to last. The end of the season. Matteo Blazzi’s tenure at Bottega Veneta perhaps best illustrates this shift – a pair of trompe l’oeil leather pants designed to look like blue jeans is the ultimate statement piece – although his collection of other products is a step in the same direction. ‘Quiet luxury’, the row, Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli, Max Mara and Celine among them.


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