Cortez Masto introduced legislation to support business development in the Apex Industrial Park in Las Vegas


June 12, 2023

Washington DC – U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto has introduced legislation to make it easier for businesses to grow and open new businesses in the Apex Industrial Park in North Las Vegas.

“Business is booming in Apex Industrial Park, and I’m working to update outdated legislation that keeps many businesses mired in lengthy permitting processes.” Senator Cortez Masto said.. It’s critical that we continue to support sites like Apex that diversify our economy and create hundreds of good-paying jobs for Nevadans.

“The City of North Las Vegas is grateful to Senator Cortez Masto for his steadfast commitment to supporting practical solutions for public land use in Nevada.” Mayor Pamela Goins-Brown said.. “The Apex Area Technical Corrections Act clears up some policies that inadvertently make the jobs of our federal land managers more difficult and hinder economic growth and diversity. I look forward to working with our senators and congressional delegation to pass this bill into law.”

“The Apex Industrial Park is a major source of investment and represents the area for North Las Vegas and beyond. We have worked in good faith with our federal partners and are pleased that Senator Cortez Masto is working on this bipartisan effort to introduce the Apex Area Technical Corrections Act to correct policies that unnecessarily burden those partners.” Lisa Cole, vice president of Land Development Associates, said. “The senator has always been a strong supporter of Apex and North Las Vegas and a leader on federal land policy. We appreciate this effort and look forward to continued cooperation.

In the year When the Apex Industrial Site was created in 1989, Congress passed legislation to transfer federal land to the former American Chemical Company and other private owners. However, the Bureau of Land Management controls large utility corridors that cut through the entire development. Currently, every business that wants to start or expand construction on Apex must go through a complex permitting process with the BLM to obtain permits for sewer, gas, power, access roads, and broadband lines along those BLM-controlled corridors. In the original 1989 law, Clark County was originally authorized to facilitate the shorter process, but now the City of North Las Vegas and the Apex Industrial Park Owners Association are the primary management of the site, not the county. Without a bylaw amendment, the city and association would not have the authority to permit new pipelines, power lines or roads for businesses and facilities, causing delays that could last for years.

Cortez Masto’s bill streamlines this cumbersome permitting process and encourages economic development by allowing the City of North Las Vegas and the Apex Industrial Park Owners Association to issue permits and provide facilities needed to operate new and existing businesses. A membership bill was introduced in the US House of Representatives by Congressman Steven Horsford (D-Nev.-04).

Senator Cortez Masto has worked to improve America’s infrastructure, support Nevada’s manufacturing industry and America’s economic competitiveness, and invest in Nevada’s growing clean energy economy to strengthen and expand Nevada’s economy and create new jobs.


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