Couple brings new business to Country Jam


EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) – 12 years ago, Jody Kreibich met her husband, Jim Kreibich at Country Jam.

“I was in VIP and I went out to the Bud Light tent in the back and he was back there and actually my sister said she found him, found ‘the one,'” Jody said.

Now, Jody and Jim are back at Country Jam, but for a different reason. They are attending the music festival for their new business, Tin Can Mobile Bar.

The Kreibich’s started Tin Can Mobile Bar in May, where they serve drinks and parties, festivals and other events.

“It’s been really good. We came off of a busy graduation season in Hudson, and now we are here,” Jody said. “We’ve done a few things for the county in Saint Croix. So now, we are starting this kind of venture and looking for more opportunities like this and corporate opportunities, things like that.”

Jody said her favorite part of the business is the people.

“I think we’ve met so many wonderful people and connections,” Jody said. “I mean, here we are. We just started in May and now we’re at Country Jam in the VIP. So, I feel like the connections that we’ve made with people are really great and everybody is happy.”

Both Jody and Jim said being back at the music festival feels extra special.

“It’s surreal,” Jim said. “Again, when you were on the other side of it, you’re partying more and having a few drinks and stuff and then coming back here and thinking back, ‘oh, this is our ten-year wedding anniversary.'”

“It’s meaningful to be back here with this business 12 years later with him kind of by my side,” Jim said.

Both are remembering how Country Jam is the place where it all began.

“It’s a place that I will always say, ‘hey, this is where we met,'” Jim said.

Jim said the Tin Can Mobile Bar can is equipped to serve drinks with and without alcohol. They have also hosted an ice cream sundae event.

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