Covid-19 and Unintended Actions to Bring More Equity to Global Health Research – World


Tamara Mulenga Willows, Jacques Oliva, Onesmus Onyango, Elibariki Mkumbo, John Maiba, Carl Otto Schell, Tim Baker, Jacob McKnight.

Relationship with Dr. Tamara Mulenga Willows;


Covid-19 had and continues to have the potential to disrupt power inequities and contribute to positive change in global health research that increases equity. While there is agreement on the importance of decolonization in transforming global health and a roadmap for how to approach it, there are few examples that can be taken to change the mechanics of global health research. This paper presents lessons learned from the experiences and reflections of a diverse multinational team of researchers involved in a multinational research project. We highlight the positive impact on our research project of taking further steps to improve equity in our research practices. Some of the approaches taken include redistributing power to researchers from interested countries at different stages in their careers, involving the entire team in decisions about the research; meaningfully involve the entire team in the analysis of research data; and providing opportunities for researchers from interested countries to express their views as first authors in publications. Although this approach is consistent with what research guidelines suggest research should be conducted, in reality it often does not happen this way. The authors of this article hope that by sharing our experiences, we can contribute to discussions about the processes needed to develop an equitable and inclusive global health sector.

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