DA: Charleroi business owner acquitted of shooting intruder


Charleroi, Pa

Tony Trauman facing homelessness, court papers; Broke into the building in the early morning hours of May 25 on McKean Street.

The pet boutique owner told the police that he heard someone upstairs and when he reached the third floor bathroom, he tried to open the door, but someone was pushing back. The owner of the business said he had a gun, and the person in the bathroom told police they had a gun.

Police say the business owner was afraid the intruder was going to shoot through the door, so he shot through the door first.

Upon entering the bathroom, police said the business owner saw a man trying to climb out through the window before the intruder returned and fell into the tub. The business owner called 911.

Police said they found Troutman on the roof with a gunshot wound. He was taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, police said they were told that Troutman would sometimes sneak through the building and enter through the bathroom window.

After reviewing the evidence, District Attorney Jason Walsh said the building owner was justified in shooting Troutman because he had threatened him.

Neither the district attorney nor police said Troutman had a firearm.

A warrant is currently out for Troutman’s arrest. He was charged with criminal trespass and terroristic threats.


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