Datavant and Honik partner to develop the first connectable German health data ecosystem




Datavant is partnering with Honick to connect Germany’s growing health data ecosystem that powers medical research.

Honik and Datavant technologies support privacy protection and science-grade real-world evidence

Berlin, June 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Honik, Germany’s fastest-growing health information platform, and Datavant, a leader in helping organizations securely connect health data, today announced a partnership to make Datavant’s communication software unique and secure from Honik. Information space to connect the growing German health information ecosystem. This partnership will enable health and life sciences organizations to securely connect critical data and conduct advanced research and better patient outcomes in a GDPR-compliant manner.

Working closely with data protection regulators and patient advocates, Honick conceived and implemented a fully validated process for integrating standard medical data across silos. These high-quality, interoperable datasets can be linked based on the Datavant token to create rich multimodal data representing the long-term patient journey.

Honick’s expertise in data protection and Datavant’s independent, trusted and ubiquitous infrastructure for sharing health information provides a secure, compliant process with fundamental privacy protection technology.

  • Health information is cataloged and stored on the Honik platform to enable data retrieval.

  • A unique collection of quality-controlled health data use-cases is connected by Datavant’s Honic platform to bring together unencumbered data and create insights into the entire patient journey.

  • Primary data from various medical areas are provided anonymously to researchers around the world for evidence-based research and development.

This model supports global medical research, clinical trial simulation and development, and patient privacy. As the Datavant ecosystem grows across Europe, this collaboration reflects Germany’s medical data landscape, which is known for its strong standards regarding data protection under the GDPR.

“Our focus is on building technology to enable health and life sciences organizations to drive superior research and patient outcomes with the highest levels of privacy protection,” said Jamie Blackport, head of International Detavant. “Honick developed a new solution based on EU norms and values.”

Henrik Matthies, founder and CEO of Honik: “Our partnership with Datavant enables international research at scale with German health data. By integrating Datavant’s encryption technology with a secure, GDPR-compliant platform, we ensure that health data in Germany and other countries are governed by the highest data protection standards worldwide for the benefit of patients and better healthcare.

About Datavant
Datavant’s mission is to connect the world’s health data to improve patient outcomes. Datavant works to reduce disparities across the healthcare industry by supporting the linkage of patient health records across data sets by building technology that protects patient privacy. Learn more about Datavant at

About Honik
Honik is a secure, sovereign, GDPR-compliant health data research platform ‘made in Germany’ to make German real-time data accessible for medical research. Its data platform architecture and compliance concept were developed jointly with the relevant data privacy authority and are guided by the principles of ‘data privacy and data security by design’. Learn more about Honik at

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