Delivering results on healthcare, broadband and energy

Delivering results on healthcare, broadband and energy

Today’s Energy and Commerce hearing was a demonstration of our vital responsibility as duly elected members of the House of Commons: to listen to those we serve and engage in the battle of ideas. In this spirit, we have passed through the House Energy and Commerce Committee nineteen bills that improve people’s lives.

Keep reading to find out how! You can also watch my opening speech here:

First of all, we passed a package of six bipartisan bills that I chaired. Patient Law To significantly increase price transparency and lower healthcare costs for patients.

The committee then passed seven bills to close the digital divide by targeting resources to rural and underserved areas, removing barriers to deployment, streamlining licensing processes and expanding private investment.

Finally, we have issued six rules to protect our energy network and make our lives more affordable Prohibition of Russian Uranium Import Law I advocated protecting American energy by banning imports of Russian uranium and ending our dependence on their nuclear fuels. On top of that, we moved it Save our gas stoves rule The US Department of Energy has banned gas stoves to protect your choices as a consumer.

I am incredibly proud of the work of our committees today and look forward to them coming to the House floor for a vote soon.

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