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Dixon Fire Chief Todd McNeil, right, and his team spent more than two years making the promise of the new fire engine a reality. Engine 81, which entered service this week, sports the department’s new livery over gray. (Photo by Kimberly K. Fu, Reporter)

The Dixon Fire Department this week unveiled the newest firefighting tool in your arsenal — an engine with state-of-the-art technological and safety advancements.

Also new – the gray on red color scheme, not the first bright, lemon yellow in the boat.

“We’re back to our roots,” Chief Todd McNeil said Tuesday.

It is the decision of the committee and the suggestion of the members, said the official. In addition to the new color scheme, the doors are embossed with a custom logo with input from many Dixon firefighters.

A collaborative effort, Engine 81 is a worthy investment, McNeal said. In the year In 2023
The Pierce Velocity vehicle, a joint purchase by the fire department and the Dixon Fire Protection District, keeps the department in good repair.

An older ladder truck was planned to replace it, but a new, advanced model engine seemed to make more sense.

With the small age difference between the new Type 1 engine and the old one, a new engine may not be needed for some time. There are also no costly maintenance issues or maintenance required.

“There’s been panic for about five years,” McNeil said.

Dixon Fire’s newest apparatus, Engine 81, features the department’s custom logo. (Photo by Kimberly K. Fu, Reporter)

The jurisdiction of the Ministry of Fire Protection is about 320 square kilometers, which is a lot of distance to cover. With the new engine, there will be no worries about breaking down on the way to the call, he said.

In a press conference, the captain of the battalion, Randy Shafer, shared his thoughts.

“It enhances our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies,” he shared. “We look forward to serving our community aboard our new fleet.”

Engine 81, officials explained, is equipped with a head-full audio alarm system. It uses digital alerts to notify drivers and other first responders of the truck’s presence when lights and sirens are activated.

The vehicle has been seen around town and the public seems to appreciate it.

“Everybody I talked to at the May show loved it,” he recalled.

Additional plans are in the works to help with public safety, McNeal said, noting another firehouse will be built in the southwest quadrant of the city in the Homestead area. That location houses Station 82 and operates as a satellite firehouse with its own equipment and personnel.

The official said that service will continue to improve as the city grows. He said the city and the department are always thinking about how to better serve the community.

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