Dr. Dayna Johnson discusses the link between poor sleep and cardiovascular health.


There are several ways that sleep can contribute to cardiovascular disease, including hormonal drugs linked to diabetes and sympathetic nerve activity that increases blood pressure; Sleep health In these ways, it is linked to both traditional cardiovascular risk factors and overall cardiovascular disease, said Dana Johnson, PhD, MPH, MSW, MS, assistant professor of epidemiology at Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health, in an interview with Sleep 2023.


How are poor sleep health and poor cardiovascular health related?

We have seen a lot of progress in this area. Last year, the American Heart Association changed its platform from Life’s Easy 7 to Life’s Essential 8—recognizing how important sleep is to cardiovascular health. Therefore, in the epidemiological literature, we see that there are people with short sleep duration, poor sleep quality, high blood pressure, as well as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and high mortality rates.

There are several ways in which sleep contributes to cardiovascular disease. Some of the ways include the secretion of hormones, so the secretion of insulin and glucose is associated with the whole cardiovascular disease associated with diabetes. And then there are also ways through the emotional nerve activity – which leads to an increase in blood pressure – which is related to blood pressure.

These different measures of sleep health are related to traditional cardiovascular risk factors and total cardiovascular disease in these different ways.


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