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Jayden Chudy worked on making the donated bike roadworthy.

From left are Jeremy Bryant, welding instructor, Hector Centeno Rivera and Officer Matt Christopher with the Dunkirk Police Department.

When students commit to WNY P-TECH, they do so wholeheartedly and in every possible way. For one P-TECH student, that means riding his bike to school every day.

“One of our students, Hector Centeno Rivera, was riding his bike to school from Dunkirk, and we noticed he looked very dangerous.” WNY P-TECH Principal William Smoak said. “I contacted the Dunkirk Police Department to see if maybe they had a bike in the basement of their police station that we here at P-TECH could build for the student.”

When Mocking called the department, he was met by Officer Matt Christopher, who gave the student his bike. Needing only a few minor adjustments, P-TECH senior Jayden Chudy of Dunkirk installs new tires and tubes while welding instructor Jeremy Bryant adjusts the seat.

Hector has been riding his bike to school ever since.

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