ECU Health nurses meet with purpose at the 10th Annual Nursing Summit.


ECU Health Nurses June 20, 2008 for the 10th ECU Health Nursing Summit at the East Carolina Heart Institute, where they shared best practices and innovations that will help shape the future of nursing in North Carolina.

With the theme “Connecting with Minds, Hearts and Purpose,” nursing leaders at ECU Health designed the conference to recognize what nurses have experienced over the past three years, including what the Covid pandemic has taught them, what they’ve lost, and what they’ve lost as professional nurses. ECU Health Chief Nursing Executive Trish Baise said nursing will move forward together.

“In the ever-changing health care environment, it’s important for ECU Health nurses to hear from state and national colleagues,” Bayes said. We are proud to nurture professionals who are making a positive difference in the field by advocating for and demonstrating policy and innovation in the workforce, the nursing practice environment, and the health and well-being of nurses.

In total, more than 178 nurses attended the conference, which was the first face-to-face meeting since 2019. Topics included policy advocacy, building positive environments, intergenerational transmission, self-care and wellness. The meeting featured experts from other areas including North Carolina State Senator Gayle Adcock and Director of Nursing Programs Katie Boston-Leary from both ECU Health Group providers. American Nurses Association.

“The idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčNursing Summit gave me things to research and refreshed my mind to explore the diverse healthcare world we live in,” said MIU Manager Paula Bush. ECU Health Edgecombe Hospital.

The conference fostered a sense of community among health system nurses and served as an opportunity for ECU health nurses of various career levels and experience to interact directly with health system leadership.

“Sharing best practices from within and outside the health system helps drive innovation in nursing,” said Daphne Brewington, ECU Health System’s vice president of nursing excellence. Using the expertise of our nurses, we can lead improvements and create an environment where nurses can thrive here at ECU Health.


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