Embrace fluidity in gender expression in a fashion you can own


With a variety of tops and bottoms available on Amazon, these items define fluidity for your wardrobe.

Gender expression comes in many forms, from genderless clothing to styles that express masculinity and femininity. For this collection of clothing, we’re looking for pieces that inspire us to look beyond the binary that everyone can own and pull off. Own the mix of tops and bottoms, embrace the fluidity of fashion and explore how your wardrobe can move beyond the binary to something completely fresh and new.

Below you’ll find a selection of clothing items from Amazon that we’ve had our eye on to add to our own wardrobes. Check them out and shop the look.

The editors of Equal Pride, who publish this site, have selected these products and if you buy Equal Pride, you may receive a small affiliate share to help increase our voice for LGBTQ+ and magazines to fight banned books.

When it comes to breaking the binary, even though this shirt is called “Boyfriend,” we still recommend this shirt for its sheer appeal. This look inspires everyone to look fluid with the breathable, 100% cotton material. Starting at $33.99 per shirt and available in several colorful patterns, this shirt can be pulled off by anyone.

Shop the dress on Amazon.

While prints always break beyond the binary, they should find expression in the style of shirt you wear. This shirt is 100% cotton and is durable for both pride activities like parades and parades and indoors like a night at the club. Running for $69.95, this patterned shirt can be easily buttoned up and paired with other items so anyone can rock the look.

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Another oversized shirt, but this time in a tin! It’s breathable and stylish and available in multiple prints for $35.99. This shirt transcends the binary by giving access to anyone to wear this shirt. We especially love how this style incorporates the colors of the transgender flag into the pattern. This style is always in fashion and flatters different body types.

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A t-shirt is always a classic go-to for anyone wearing it. And the print of this shirt perfectly conveys the message of going non-binary with a non-binary theme. A great way to show pride in our gender identity, this shirt is a message that means beyond the binary, representing the non-binary flags of yellow, white, purple, and black.

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What we love about these pants is that they give off a relaxed and comfortable look that anyone can wear, without being baggy. Their comfort-consciousness also has creative lines that pull off a perfectly tailored look. Starting at $47.04 a pair, these pants make a huge statement.

Shop the pants at Amazon.

Palazzo pants are always a great style that anyone can rock, making them the perfect pair for anyone who wants to express their fashion beyond the binary. A linen-cotton blend, these pants are perfect for summer and run for $32.99 a pair.

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Jogger pants are a trend that all genders pull off well. That’s what we love about these stretch pants. Not only are they active and comfortable for the day, but they look good on everyone. Available for $21.99 a pair, these stretchy pants are great.

Shop the pants at Amazon.

The best summer staple anyone can wear is cargo pants, and these relaxed cargo pants are perfect for a look that goes beyond the binary. Starting at $38.39 a pair, these pants are 100% cotton and provide a great look to enjoy during the hot summer months.

Shop the pants at Amazon.


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