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Mumbai-Founded technology company Yodaplus is accelerating the expansion of India’s startup landscape through strategic and innovative technology capabilities.

Mumbai, India, July 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — YodaPlus is at the forefront of a comprehensive suite of services that help startups scale and thrive globally. of India Growth of technology startups.

Vishrut Srivatava, MD, Yodaplus (right) with Dr. Anand Swarup (left) during a fireside discussion about the advancement of AI in healthcare.

Vishrut Srivatava, MD, Yodaplus (right) with Dr. Anand Swarup (left) during a fireside discussion about the advancement of AI in healthcare.

India It’s emerging as quickly as Silicon Valley. Asia The growing startup ecosystem fosters innovation, spurs economic growth and creates a new generation of job opportunities. Enhance this growth and development India New inventions like Yodaplus are.

By providing comprehensive digital transformation services, YodaPlus provides startups with the much-needed technological edge to survive, scale and thrive in a competitive market. The company helps startups from fundraising to scale.

Enhancing startup success

The Indian startup ecosystem has been growing exponentially over the last five years. The number of starters India In the year It has grown dramatically from 445 in 2016 to 86,713 in 2022. Report by the government India.

Companies like Yodaplus are becoming a support structure for these startups who often start with minimal resources. They provide the necessary support and benefits to survive and reach their potential in a competitive market.

“A quote I heard many years ago stuck with me when I pitched YodaPlus to a startup accelerator. An idea is only as good as its execution.. In many beginners India Despite having the right ideas and vision, they struggle to find the resources needed for overall performance. “We meet their operational and technology needs so they can execute confidently and successfully as they wish,” said the founder. Vishruth Srivastava.

Nutrify Today, a nutraceutical technology startup, is a great example of how a technology pillar like Yodaplus can help a startup. Nutrify Today has raised seed funds in partnership with Yodaplus to build a strong digital platform 500,000 dollars From the investor Dr Anand Swaroop. The platform now engages over 18,000 industry networks and aims to cross 450,000 by 2025.

TeamNest, an HR SaaS platform, is another such success story. YodaPlus’ technical expertise was critical in building the HRMS platform from scratch. Realizing the value of the platform, financial services firm Incred Capital acquired a 20% stake in TeamNest in a Series A round, allowing it to expand its reach and improve its product offerings. Especially Yodaplus MD. Vishruth Srivastavais an investor in startups.

YodaPlus has played a key role in the success of IsEqualTo, an inclusive learning platform. Yodaplus helped get recognition not only for IsEqualTo but also for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s celebrated Man Ki Baat program to boost angel investment.

These are some of the startups that have reached their full potential thanks to the support of a technology partner.

Using its experience and expertise, Yodaplus paves the way for startups to compete effectively in the digital age.

About Yodaplus

Yodaplus a MumbaiAn IT services company that helps startups with the technical skills they need to grow. Their client list includes multilateral development banks, retail giants, blockchain companies, health tech startups, edtech startups and HRMS providers, among others.

Although based on Mumbai, Yodaplus offers to international customers. with strong legs India, Yodaplus is strengthening its presence in the US, UK, UAE and Singapore. MD Vishruth Srivastava He brings a wealth of experience to the organization, whose knowledge is helpful in growing and growing startups in various sectors.

For more information, visit yodaplus.com.

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Amit Parikh
Senior Manager – Marketing, Yodaplus Technologies Pvt

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