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According to organizational guru Marie Kondo, if the item (in this case clothes) does not give us happiness, then it needs to move on. Without a younger sibling, most clothes today are thrown away – thrown in the trash or, if you’re sustainability-minded, thrown in the trash to be recycled by someone else. [1]

  • 85% of clothes go to landfills – 13 million tons, 70 pounds / per person every year.
  • 1% recycled New clothing. For comparison, we recycle 9% of our plastic and 70% of our cardboard.
  • 90% of the clothes we give to “charity” end up being packaged for export.

Protect him or “Dead White Man’s Clothes.”

Obroni Wawu is a Twi spoken in Ghana and is the world’s largest importer of used clothing. Fast fashion has led to an increase in low quality clothing over time. It is estimated that 40% or more of used clothing imports are waste.

We are moving our waste from the first world to lower middle income countries that don’t have the infrastructure to deal with the waste like we do and don’t have the money to deal with the problem like we do.

Here are a few more facts about fashion:

  • The garment factory uses 10% of industrial water, resulting in 20% of waste water.
  • The highest cost of creating fabrics is with “organic” cotton and silk natural fibers.
  • Synthetic fabrics are not without their influence; They are petroleum derivatives and washing those clothes contributes to 35% of ocean microplastics.

  • According to the United Nations, “the average consumer buys 60 percent more clothes than 15 years ago. Each item is stored only half the time.
  • It is estimated that “more than half of all fast fashion produced is discarded in less than a year.”

[1] Although it is true that there are many online vintage fashion consignment stores these days, fast fashion is not necessarily the product they carry.

Source: ‘It’s like a pit of death’: How Ghana became a fast fashion hotspot The Guardian

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