Fall Art Exhibit: Reimagine, Reinvent, Recreate | Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

About Reimagine, Reinvent, Recreate

This next installation is an indoor/outdoor exhibit showcasing the creative genius of several local artists. Each piece in the show is composed of everyday objects, natural materials, or discarded treasures that have been given new life as unique and beautiful works of art.

Our feature artist and curator of the show is the wonderful Diane Relf. Diane invited several of her friends and fellow artists to embrace these concepts as well as they created the pieces that will hang on the walls of the medical school through the fall.

Diane has this to say about her work

My art is about finding discarded objects and manipulating them to explore their potential; then combining these new objects into statements of appreciation of the mundane. It questions the validity of a throwaway society, the value of always needing new, and the perfection of machinery precision. It celebrates the daily detritus that has lost its meaning and gives it a new opportunity to open eyes and minds.

As a horticulturist and long, long time gardener, much of my work reflects my love of plants, the natural world and taking care of our environment. Recycled materials (tin, copper) and natural elements (leaves, branches, and natural fibers) are typical of my materials. I enjoy photography and manipulations on the digital images to achieve abstracts that show a different side to nature. I have had a long love affair with rust over the years as well, and often explore rust’s potential in creative expression in many forms: wood and rust sculpture; Glass and rust sculpture; rust stained textile and paper backgrounds for rust assemblages; wearable art; metal masks; altered art tiles; photography and digital graphic “collages”.

My two passions combine well to support my goal of using outdoor art and gardening as creative expressions of love of the environment and enhancing the quality of life. Art is about having fun by creating. Experimenting with new materials and techniques and making things up as I go are essential elements of art for me.

Other artists in this exhibit

  • Paula Golden
  • Joanna Sunshine
  • Donald Sunshine
  • Michael Colver
  • Lauren Colver
  • Robbie Sallee
  • Linda Correll
  • Sally Mook
  • Sue Hassock
  • Matt Gentry
  • Diane Goff
  • Ann Trinkle

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