Fashion membership tokens and AI models

Welcome back to the runway, where we report to you from the forefront of the digital fashion revolution. In the beautiful chaos of trying to keep up with all things digital fashion and luxury, we’ve missed a few important announcements like Model. Karlie Kloss She shows her new inspiration by leaning towards music NFTs with Roblox and Diesel (symbol Cooper Turley“Music NFTs” whispers a big music advocate in Web3 as he reads this excerpt). Beyond that, we’ve got some great news from the Web 3 house, a look at Levi’s reaction and more.

Website 3

Website 3 The membership token is working on March 31st. Web3 House designs, manufactures, markets and distributes physical and digital products through a sustainable resource. With a design studio and physical manufacturing facility, the team works with retailers large and small, including Fred Segal, Moda Operandi, Saks Fifth Avenue and Sotheby’s Auction House. The community is also the first retail platform to be fractionally owned.

A pass issued as an NFT gives holders access to in-house manufacturing capabilities, promotion and sales on, access to workshops, industry insights and consumer trend reports, and permanent token rewards from community-based projects. Mint people will be in good company; Other token holders and founding members of Web2 House include Avery Akkineni (VaynerX), Megan Kaspar (Red DAO), Brit Morin (BFF) and Swan Sit.

Finding Klossy

karlie kloss header
Credit: Klossette

Karlie Kloss’s new fashion destination in Roblox is aptly named Fashion toilet seatVisitors walk through a two-story building reminiscent of the famous Paris fashion show venue Grand Palais. Fashion takes center stage as players create and promote their own looks, gather votes from their peers and race to climb the fashion ranks from training to mastermind. The game proved to be an instant success, attracting seven million visits in its first week.

The Closet Styling Studio is the first of its kind on the platform, allowing people to customize the color and texture of individual items and layer different makeup looks. Previous iterations of Worlds on Roblox initially featured simplistic boxer characters with limited customization options.

Levi’s jeans entered AI

Levi's clothing
Credit: Lewis

Levi Strauss & Co., the iconic heritage brand responsible for Levi’s jeans, announced a significant partnership with on March 22 to test its customized, AI-generated models. In the year, founded in Amsterdam in 2019, has developed new machine learning technology that enables fashion brands and retailers to generate highly realistic models of all body types, ages, sizes and skin tones.

The company’s inclusive brands are designed to transform the fashion industry’s approach to diversity, sustainability and inclusion for customers, brands and retailers. However, Levi’s already is. Back offas a Some say Replacing different human models with different AI models seems like a step backwards.

Levi’s responded in a statement: “We are not backing down on our commitment to live photo shoots, the use of live models, or working with diverse models.’s technology, and AI more broadly, can help us quickly print images of our products on different body types.

Diesel and public pressure

Diesel x population pressure
Credit: Nick Paranoia

DieselIn collaboration with Web3 Media Company Public pressurehave dropped their first ad campaign for the “Discovery” series featuring a downloadable soundtrack from artist; HoneyLuv Accompanied by unique artwork created by visual designer Nick Paranoia. The first release is sold out Over 1,200 tracks were made in four hours.It’s generating nearly $50,000 in revenue.

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