Fashion trends are always changing and what matters is style and the right attitude.


Mumbai: If you are in the entertainment industry and your job requires you to face the camera, along with acting, fashion is another thing you should know. Most actors have their own signature style and try to be fashionable when they step out. Lokith Phulwani, who plays the role of Hafeez in Rabb Se Hai Dua, talks about what fashion means to him.

“For me, fashion is what you’re comfortable in and what looks good on you. The truth is, fashion trends are always changing and the key is style and the right attitude. If you know how to carry yourself in whatever you’re wearing, I don’t think anything is boring.”

Comfort wear totally depends on the occasion and what enhances your own personality according to the actor.

His sense of fashion is completely opposite to his character, Lokit is more comfortable than happy. “That’s what playing a character is all about. As an actor on screen, you have to be one with the character you are playing, he adds.

Sometimes the characters are so different that the actor is expected to dress the part even when appearing in public until the show goes on air or the film is released. In some situations, things can be difficult at times.

“My personal belief is that one should separate the professional and personal self when it comes to clothing and personality. Yes, sometimes one dresses up as a character in public, especially when doing promotions, then again just for work,” he explains.

So what kind of clothes do you choose for date night? “My favorite is something black and relaxed and casual,” he replies.

Sometimes people go too far when following fashion trends. I agree, he added, “Yes, sometimes people go too far, especially when trying to imitate others. Understanding your body, style, confidence and comfort is essential to carrying what you wear.


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