Fast food does more than create meme-able fashion trends


Efforts to promote brand awareness and recruit generations of loyalists have led to unusual bedfellow collaborations, including titans like KFC and Crocs, who teamed up to launch something called “Bucket Clogs” in 2020. It comes with charms that resemble and smell like authentic fried chicken. In the year In 2017, the aforementioned Taco Bell partnered with popular fashion retailer Forever 21 on items such as a firecracker-themed bodysuit.

Although chicken-embellished shoes and sweaters may strike some as strange, these are not the strangest fast food items ever sold. For those of you who can’t get enough of that new Wiper scent, Burger King in Japan once sold a (perhaps a wise choice) flame-grilled perfume cologne for roughly $42. Apparently, people can’t resist that alluring flame-human scent. Domino’s locations in the UK and Ireland were offering adult pajamas decorated with pepperoni slices. In-N-Out Burger sells French fry beach towels in its online store catalog. It’s up to the individual to decide whether they’re willing to take something seriously or casually commit to a particular fast food chain, but rest assured that these corporations will continue to come up with new products to further build their brand.


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