Fireworks go off after Tarrant County neighbors set up churches to block it.


Fireworks that prompted neighbors to form two nearby churches have been relocated to stop the boom and bust in unincorporated Tarrant County.

That came as welcome news to the neighbors who created the Peace and Quiet and Faith United Cowboy Church after they found a Texas code banning fireworks within 600 feet of a church. Few other protections exist for residents in unincorporated areas of the county.

Neil Foreman, who started the Peace and Quiet Church, said he noticed the fireworks had stopped, and that Joe Dirts had shut down the fireworks early Tuesday morning.

The owner of the stand, Joe Sterling b Fort Worth Star-Telegram He decided it would not be a good business decision to stay in Eden Road South, as a temporary restraining order prevented people from shooting off fireworks on the property. The stop was moved to 7400 Rendon Bludworth Road, located near more than a dozen other stops and known as “Fireworks Highway.”

Sterling said earlier. Dallas Morning News The dispute with neighbors has gone beyond fireworks, noting that it is a commercial parking lot, and neighbors have complained to county officials about bright lights and noise.

“It’s unimaginable that someone trying to stop me from running a legitimate business would start a false church,” Sterling said. “This is an insult.”

Neighbors said The news But their church is true.

Kate Zimmerman, who lives near the old stand, b Star-Telegram The residents are still trying to alleviate the noise and lights from the parking lot that is attached to the parking lot.

“The fight is not over,” she said.


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