For Colombia’s dynamic swimwear industry, beauty and environment go hand in hand


Colombia remains one of the most important players for swimwear in the Latin American region, as it is recognized worldwide for its commitment to the best quality, attention to detail and beautiful trends. Around the world, Colombian swimwear brands have graced major international runways and trade shows.

On June 13Th and 14Th, four Columbia brands can shine in Huntington Beach, California, at the main joint exhibition. This invitation-only event is the premier marketplace where retail buyers from around the world come together to immerse themselves in the pool and active culture.

Colombia is known for having one of the most dynamic swimwear industries in the world. The country sector offers unique designs incorporating world trend-leading designs with artistic techniques and ethnic-based wear.

Columbia brands are known for working with functional fabric properties such as high UV protection, breathability and quick drying. Additionally, most companies want to have a positive impact on the planet by working with eco-fabrics, PET and zero waste by using leftovers to create accessories.

“ProColombia respects and proudly supports our swimwear fashion industry; designers, brands and products that feature eco-friendly designs that help reduce footprint, pollution and waste. Unique designs, innovative materials and tailored products make these garments stand out in international markets. They did it,” said Carmen Caballero, president of ProColombia, the government agency that promotes Colombian exports internationally, which is part of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism.

In 2022, Colombian swimwear exports to the United States will exceed $12 million, a 15% increase from 2021. In this context, it is worth mentioning that the fashion industry is important for the economic development of the Colombian states. Our brands pay tribute to hundreds of women, heads of households, people from our regions who work in the field,” said Caballero.

Let’s meet the participating brands!

one More than waste, it is characterized by almost 0% waste and no residual stock. The brand employs mothers as family managers and 50% of their bikinis are made from fabrics made from recycled raw materials. Booth #501.

Malay It is also committed to environmentally friendly practices; He reuses the plastic bag by recycling the left cloths; 85% of their energy is provided by using solar panels. Booth #500.

PHAX Swim Collective is one of the leading exporting companies with over 35 years of experience. Package and Smeta verified. They offer a diverse portfolio of products in plus sizes and reversible bikinis. Booth #200.

Ximena Castillo’s Pieces are inspired by pre-Columbian art, handcrafted by Colombian indigenous women and artisans. 24k gold and silver baths are known for using metals such as Iraqa palm, beads, leather and semi-precious stones (emeralds), metals such as bronze and copper. Booth #394.


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