For Gen Z, food is the new luxury. What does it mean for fashion?


Erewhon sold more than 16,000 Agent Nather smoothies during the partnership in September, which was promoted by influencers recruited by Agent Nather to buy the smoothie and get more food from Erewhon. The success prompted Covello to find a second collaboration: Agent Nather, which will launch in Erewhon locations next month in a packaged version.

From online to physical events

Jewelry brand Majuri’s latest Tik Tok campaign leans into the “food as luxury” trend after the brand noticed the rise of food-centric lifestyles. “Do you want a treat?” The ad reads before showing illustrated images of ice creams and slices of cake. The hands holding the food are naturally covered in majeure rings, but the alignment with the food felt right for Tik Tok’s audience, said Chief Creative Officer Justin Lancon. On the back of the campaign, Meijuri will host a gelato pop-up at Chin Chin in London’s Soho in June, where guests can eat gelato and browse pieces from the collection.

Deli is seeing an appetite for IRL food events from its younger clientele, which could be another touchpoint for fashion collaborators. The marketplace has launched a series of supper clubs open to deli customers in London, with vendors taking over temporary premises and serving full meals, including Brixton’s Lamy Harissa Supper Club and Porchetta Supper Club from butcher Madame Pigg’s. Adam Hardiman.

For jewelry brand Majory, aligning with food felt right for TikTok’s audience, said Chief Creative Officer Justin Lancon.

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“Supper clubs take the relationship between buyer and seller to the next level,” says Beckerman, “and they’re so successful that we’re probably looking for a permanent location.”

Ultimately, the goal is to recreate what Depop did with Deli, with the same ethos from fashion to food. “Thanks to Depop, and in this case to Deli, we can highlight independent sellers, make this community bigger and bigger, and allow as many people around the world as possible to have access to these products and enjoy eating them. Enjoy buying them, learning the stories behind them.

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