For Ivan Birnholz June 18 crossword, “Business school” solution


Before I get into today’s puzzle, here are a couple of announcements:

1) Starting this weekend, and until July 2nd, I will be on vacation with my family in California and then Hawaii. There will still be new puzzles over the next few weekends, but my posts about them will be relatively short.

2) I want to take a moment to give three cheers to two wonderful people in the crossword world and friends of the show. Amanda Rafkin has been named full-time editor of the USA Today crossword puzzle. Congratulations to Amanda! It also means Eric Agard leaves America Today for what he hopes are more exciting puzzle opportunities on the horizon. He did his final puzzle on Friday as an editor and it was pretty themeless – you can read a review of that puzzle and a sweet tribute to Eric’s work by Sally Holscher on the USA Today crossblog here. Good luck on your next adventures, Eric!

Nine classes you can take in college cover businesses that are circular, indicated by the types of people who work for them.

Above the puzzle is a note that reads: “The first letters of this puzzle’s circular words describe a word associated with a business school.” Take the first letters of those circle companies and you write Economics. Off the top of my head, a famous company can be found in the order of letters in economics. Honestly, I thought I should try to fit in the EMI as an extra hint in the lower left corner, but in the end that felt unnecessary. EMI is mostly owned by Sony Music division, and there is SONY in 123A.

A few other answers and hints:


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