Former NBA player Michael Beasley has become a champion of mental health


Michael Beasley has spent eleven years in his professional NBA career wowing fans with his acrobatic moves on the court, his extreme athleticism and his ability to go off at will. In his second step, he emerged as a champion to raise awareness of mental health for the benefit of society at large. It is being combined with Aura HealthAn all-in-one mental health platform that helps anyone find peace.

The mental health app was created by entrepreneurial brother-duo Daniel and Steve Lee, Korean immigrants dealing with their parents’ divorce, which ultimately led to their father’s abandonment and mother’s depression. They started Ora Health to bring mental wellness into the palm of people’s hands with the goal of improving the mental well-being of the public. This AI-powered program represents a large application, including expertly created audio wellness tracks, sleep tracks, life coaching, mindfulness meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy and breath work. The app allows users to receive one-on-one training directly from a variety of professional trainers and therapists.

For Michael Beasley, talking about mental health is personal. Having struggled with stress and anxiety related issues himself as a player and person, his motivation to speak out about mental health is to help the next generation of athletes deal with these prevalent issues in sports and society. As he explained in a one-on-one interview, “I think people are scared. I don’t want mental health to always be thought of in such a negative light. At first I didn’t even know I needed help, I just brushed everything off. I had to learn about myself and what I was going through in order to help others.

according to CDC dataMore than 1 in 5 adults in the US live with a mental illness. This means that more than 43 million Americans are experiencing mental illness at any given time. These diseases are not limited to adults. More than 1 in 5 young people ages 13-18 have a serious mental illness now or at some point in their lives.

Mental health remains an overused term in national discourse, but what exactly is it? As of 2011 World Health Organization, mental health is a state of mental well-being that enables individuals to cope with life’s stresses, realize their potential and contribute to their communities. Mental health remains important throughout our lives, and it affects how we handle stress, relate to each other, and ultimately help us make choices related to our health. Although there is no single cause of mental health illness, traumatic childhood experiences, drug and alcohol abuse, chronic health conditions and feelings of isolation and loneliness all contribute.

Beasley understands the importance of talking about mental health and how often many are afraid to talk about their problems. He says, “Mental health is hard to deal with. I had no one to connect with outside the court. Growing up, mental health wasn’t a ‘thing’, you were either crazy or you weren’t. Knowing how I feel right now, I want to show the world that high-flying NBA players can be vulnerable and go through the same things as anyone else.

By bringing mental health issues to the fore, people can recognize signs of depression, anxiety, and suicidality. Just as medical conditions such as heart disease need to be treated, mental illness needs to be treated, so awareness and education are critical to effectively treating these illnesses. According to the article published in European psychiatryMore than 90% of those who committed suicide in psychological autopsies had symptoms of a mental health disorder. This information emphasizes bringing general education on the signs of suicide so that it can be effectively prevented.

Research Mindfulness-based interventions such as meditation and cognitive therapy have been shown to be effective in reducing suicidality. For Beasley, such interventions through the Aura health app are bringing him and his 13-month-old daughter joy. He said, “Aura Health is a new app that promotes mental health in a fun and active way that people of all ages can relate to. There are all kinds of coaches and therapists. My 13 month old daughter and I go to sleep every night and it works! Our favorite sessions are affirmations. Sometimes when I feel down, I just listen to Aura to give me some extra confidence and mental clarity. It’s like the Instagram of mental health.

Michael Beasley had it. 788 Overall work during his impressive NBA career will help. Perhaps his best contribution will be the next generation of athletes who will continue to inspire him through his work promoting mental health.

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