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Four Fashion Scholarship Fund students will face off Tuesday night in their bid to win a $50,000 grant and a year of mentorship from the organization.

The competition is part of the group’s Summer Scholar Series in the Accelerate Grant Program to help start-up brands grow their businesses.

The finalists are Esther Andrews, Gols Guven, Siun Lee and Chantal Matakati. They will present their ideas to a panel of judges from the fashion industry, including Narda Chan, Vice President of Designer at Macy’s Clothing. designer Victor Glemmaud; Roberto Lorenzini, CEO of Todd Group, America; Jenna Lyons, Founder and CEO of Loveseen, and Eleanor Turner, Founder and CEO of Big Love, and winner of the 2019 Accelerator Grant.

Andrews launched her eponymous collection in 2010. She launched in 2021, offering bridal gowns ranging from $1,820 to $5,500 in bridal gowns, shawls, scarves, shawls and capes for $400 to $1,100. The collection is meant to be worn on wedding dresses as well as any time after the big day.

Guven has created a Web3-based tool for brands to manage loyalty programs and build customer loyalty by monetizing membership fees, subscriptions, and token-based transactions.

Lee has created a sustainable and affordable unisex streetwear collection called CTBT Studio, which includes hats, crewnecks, T-shirts, beanies and socks, as well as jeans and hats made from organic cotton or canvas, and prices range from $30 to $150. The collection was produced in New York, and the brand opened a series of pop-ups around the city.

And Matkati has created H-Studio, a business-to-business wholesale clothing marketplace to promote South African brands.

The winner is expected to be announced at the conclusion of the events on Tuesday night.

of FSF works with 70 colleges and universities across the US to recruit students for the national competition. More than $1 million in scholarships are awarded each year to help these students pursue careers in all areas of the fashion industry, including design, merchandising, marketing analysis and business strategy.


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