Gary Lineker, 62, launches a new career as a fashion model as he recalls the style of ‘Hell’

Gary Linker is now releasing a new fashion with the next one as he talks about how he has always been a fashion icon.

Gary talked about the new collection.((Andy Hooper/Daily Mail Sport)

After swapping the football pitch for a matchday studio, Gary Lineker has become a fashion icon in his own right and is almost as famous as punditry for his crisp shirts and stylish glasses.

However, his style is not always so sharp. The 62-year-old is still being teased by friends about his fashion mishaps during his time as a footballer, and he flinches when he’s dressed as a “hell” shell to his name.

Today, he’s fronting the next new collection, but he’ll need a fair few helpers to score those fashion goals in classic Lineker style. “It was a lot of help,” he admitted. “I’m not necessarily good at putting things together. At least now it makes it easier to dress up for events. I’ve got all these pictures to remember what goes with what.

The star has been in the headlines lately for more than just his fashion choices. He was briefly suspended from the BBC before his triumphant return after his tweets criticizing the government’s asylum policy caused an uproar and a mass exodus from his supportive colleagues.

Here, we talk to Gary about his thoughts on that controversy, the one TV show you’ll never see him on, stardom and his friendship with Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds…

Gary talked about the new collection.((Andy Hooper/Daily Mail Sport)
Gary says his style has changed.((Andy Hooper/Daily Mail Sport)

How do you deal with social media negativity and being in the public eye?

I’m not the type of person to worry about it. I don’t read the responses very often, which is fine considering I was reading a response a few weeks ago. I don’t worry about it – I tweet my stuff and people do what they want. I think the truth is that most people are supportive, nice, friendly and kind, but there is an extreme element, no matter what the signs are, they are very loud and they can be fooled into thinking that everyone thinks they are when it really isn’t. I walk the streets and I don’t find any sticks – people are kind.

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