Girls California Straight 23 basketball tournament brings business growth to Placer County


ROSEVILLE — More than 100 high school basketball teams are competing in Roseville for the first-ever “Girls California Live 23” tournament.

As basketball grows, the inaugural event is bringing a commercial boost to the Plaster Valley economy.

Four thousand coaches, athletes and fans from California and surrounding states flock to the Reuben Center, pouring money into local hotels, restaurants and businesses.

According to Kim Summers, CEO of Placer Valley Tourism, event goers are generating an estimated $1 million impact in the Placer Valley economy. The influx of people to the hotels in the area is a good sight.

“We’re running on about 80% housing, which is unknown to the market and at the moment,” Sumner said. “We’re going to see continued growth … we’re going to see more hotels coming into development, again bringing more economic dollars and jobs to the area.”

The event center opened its doors in 2020 a month before the pandemic shut down events across the country. As the area gets back on track, domestic tourism is “taking a big hit.”

“Last year alone, the event center produced 12,000 room nights for hotels,” Summers said. “If those class nights don’t come in here, we probably won’t get such a quick turnaround and like you see here in Roseville. Things are picking up.”

The Robelen Center basketball courts are filled with highly recruited girls high school basketball players. According to event director Harold Abend, the NCAA-accredited Scholastic Vision event is an opportunity for these athletes to take their skills to the next level.

“We have about 40 college scouts a game,” Abend said.

That’s dozens of Division 1 basketball coaches looking for up-and-coming talent.

The three-day tournament continues through Saturday, June 17. The event is open to the public and tickets are $10 at the door.


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