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If you haven’t heard of pickleball, it’s America’s fastest growing sport. 19% of Americans 18 and older have played pickleball in the past 12 months, up 35% since August 2022. More than 70% of pickleball players are ages 18-44. And there’s a 32% increase in casual players who play at least once a year.

Fashion is inherently trendy and has a love affair with pickleball. Moda Operandi has a “pickball edit” that includes everything from $130 custom-brand paddles to $46 Supergoop SPF-infused face oil to a $57,000 watch. Norma Kamali sells a $145 pickleball outfit. And just last week, a fashion brand Staud has launched a sneaker-focused pickleball capsule collection, Staud Court, in collaboration with Keds. In addition, Dr. Scholl’s has just introduced a sneaker designed specifically for pickleball, and beyond yoga, activewear brands including Splits59 and Vuori all have pieces designed for the sport.

Pickleball equipment company Tangerine was launched in February 2022 after founder Carly Llewellyn and her husband chose the sport during Covid and realized a gap in the market for fashion-forward accessories. The brand has been tapped to collaborate with countless fashion brands, including Beyond Yoga. In May. Meanwhile, Roti and Sam Edelman worked with Tangerine to create custom paddles.

Of the current state of the sport everywhere, Llewellyn says, “It’s very accessible; It’s a very low barrier to entry to play. Tennis is a lot of fun, but you have to work at it and practice and take lessons. What makes pickleball so exciting is that anyone can pick up a paddle, pick up a ball, and learn. And you can play anywhere.

Dr. Scholl introduced the $70 Dink It Pickleball sneaker last week. The brand generated buzz ahead of the deal by giving customers early access, and it’s already “seeing great results on social media and email,” says Jane Wiley, senior director of brand marketing. “This is peak pickleball season so there’s a lot of excitement,” she said. During the month, the brand will host an event with a “premium resort” that will open pickleball courts, where influencers will be given Dink It sneakers. The resort sells Dr. Scholl’s sneakers at its retail stores. Dr. Scholl’s Awards will also host an award on social media with the Pickleball brand, but Wiley said it’s too early to identify the resort and brand partners.

When Beyond Yoga launched its Country Club collection in May, one of the activities it used to market the collection was pickleball. He teamed up with Olivia Culpo (5.3 million followers on Instagram) to host the Beyond Yoga Country cCub event, to which influencers received a tangerine pickleball tote as their invitation. The totes came from Beyond Yoga Pick Up Ball Gowns. The brand tapped another popular pickleball accessory brand, Recess, to create the brand’s paddles.

The event featured pickleball lessons from Matt Manasseh, Beyond Yoga, who is described in his Instagram bio and Vanity Fair as a “pickleball coach to the stars.” A recent post features Manasseh with Emma Watson.

After the event, five Pickleball Toques were distributed to each of the brand’s five retail stores and served as giveaways to shoppers who spent more than $400. “A lot of people were coming in and asking about the products. [the Country Club event]” said Ashley Hart, the brand’s vp of marketing. Demand has been so high, she said, that the brand is considering bringing back a special edition item. There have been many comments on the brand’s Instagram about the country club event from followers asking how to buy the bags.

The Country Club collection was a key moment for the brand, with the aim of increasing brand awareness. For further reach, partner retailer Revolve has partnered for the campaign. The retailer posted content and an exclusive interview with Culpo on its Instagram page, which has 5.7 million followers.

The decision to create a standalone line of tennis apparel for Splits59 was organic, stemming in part from its successful tennis apparel launch. “During Covid, tennis has had a bit of a moment because it’s a sport that can be played without being in one’s face. We launched a small tennis capsule in the summer of 2021 and it sold out immediately. We were like, ‘Something’s happening here,'” said Shannon Quarantino, the brand’s vp of e-commerce. Soon pickleball was everywhere, said Quarantino and she and the team decided to launch a pickleball collection including a skort, a tank top and jacket, as well as paddles in collaboration with the brand Luxe Pickleball. The collection’s success led to the launch of a second Pickle Ball collection. Because of the success, the dress is coming.

Instead of throwing a big event or investing in an expensive photo shoot to promote the collection, Split 59 held a private event for Whitney Fransway (216,000 followers on Instagram). She was invited to entertain her friends, all of them are dressed in the brand. According to Quarantino, this strategy is often more effective than photography because of the amount of content created.

Afterward, Quarantino said the brand received inbound requests from influencers asking them to dress up their own adventures in pickleball. Looks like pickleball summer is just getting started.

Demand Trend Hour: Shampoo bars are catching on.

Google searches for shampoo saw a 14.4% year-over-year increase, with 112,000 monthly searches. The products offer unique benefits to consumers – namely low-waste and liquid-free, so they’re easy to travel with. The same is true of the conditioning bar. It showed a search growth of 7.3% since last year.

Top search queries for shampoo bars include “shampoo and conditioner bars,” “best shampoo bars,” “shampoo bar recipes,” and “rice shampoo bars.”

Searches for “rice shampoo bars” show interest in shampoos that feature rice as a key ingredient. Rice contains amino acids that increase shine and support growth and overall hair health. Other popular ingredients in hair care include rosemary oil, up 26% in searches year-over-year, and caffeine, up 27.7% in searches year-over-year.

Brands driving interest in the trend include Kitsch and Viori. Kitsch’s offering receives 1,500 average monthly searches, a 268.9% increase from last year. Viori Shampoo Bar receives an average of 5,400 searches per month, up 38.7% from 2022.

As consumers continue to seek out shampoo and conditioner bars, there is an opportunity for brands to increase their strong offerings.

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