Google may launch technology components for real-time YouTube games.


A new report from the Wall Street Journal claims that Google may be re-entering video games by joining forces with YouTube.

While Google is working on the biggest Play Store for mobile games, they tried to create an amazing cloud technology in the AAA game market Stadia, which was closed last January due to lack of a consistent model and enough subscribers. Years after release, cashbacks for every purchase made on the platform.

At the time, Stadia Tech was said to be rolling it out to other Google products, and that seems to be what we’re seeing here, at least to some extent. Google is now testing the concept of being able to play video games on YouTube.

Now at least these aren’t the games we’ve seen at Stadia. No more clicking on a video and playing Assassin’s Creed. Instead, the game currently being tested with this feature is Stack Bounce, an arcade game about smashing bricks with balls.

It seems more likely that this technology will focus on mobile style games rather than the big AAA productions that Stadia tried to attract. This feels like a response to Netflix letting you play its own games in the app, a feature that’s largely been overlooked, but there are some really great games in that part of the service. Once this is launched, Google may not want to back down.

Stadia was in the news last week as a witness in the FTC-Microsoft case to provide the FTC with information about the competitiveness of the cloud market, but Stadia’s spectacular fallout shows just how tough it really is. Do the mainstream cloud service even with little or no competition.

This looks like some pale shade of Stadia coming back to life. You may remember some of the big Stadia promises about how you could pause a YouTube video of the game and then press a button to launch yourself into that part of the game. That… never happened. But if YouTube integration is the goal and these new games are based on the cloud, there certainly seems to be some overlap here.

There are no plans to release this anytime soon as it is still in testing on Google and it is not clear how it will be monetized. We’ll have to wait and see where it goes.

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