Google’s new AI tool lets Gmail type your emails.


Google is stepping up its game with AI-powered features, and it looks like ChatGPT’s influence is getting stronger. The reach of Google AI capabilities is expanding, now showing its penetration into popular apps like Docs and Gmail. One interesting addition in Gmail is the “Write to Me” feature that can compose emails on behalf of users.

What is the “Help me write” feature?

The “Help Me Write” feature is a tool that can create entire email drafts for you based on simple questions. Currently, it is available as part of the Workspace Labs program. If you are interested in joining the program, you can register online and express your interest.

How to use Gmail AI tool?

If you want Gmail to write your emails using the “Write to Me” tool, follow these steps.

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1. Open Gmail and press the “Write” button.

2. At the bottom of the writing window, find the “Help me write” button and click it.

3. In the Query box, provide a brief description of what you want the email to say. For example, you can type “Write a vacation request email” or “Send an absence letter.”

4. Click “Generate” and Gmail will generate a draft of your email. You can edit the draft as needed.

5. Once you are satisfied, click on “Submit” option.

6. When ready, click “Send” to send the email.

Important points to consider:

Google’s AI technology aims to save you time and energy in writing emails. The “Write to Me” feature helps you craft more effective emails by providing a starting point and suggesting ways to improve your writing. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. The more specific your question, the better the results. Instead of typing “email to a colleague”, try something like “email my colleague Ryan about a presentation”.

2. Use the “Formalize”, “Explain” and “Shorten” buttons to adjust the tone and length of the draft.

3. If necessary, the “Refresh” button creates a new draft.

4. The tool cannot handle questions that require special knowledge or expertise.

5. It is not suitable to write secret or sensitive emails.

Gmail’s new AI tool provides a convenient way to write emails more efficiently while providing helpful suggestions. Give it a try and let technology give you a hand in your email writing.


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