Gotion High-Tech launches new L600 LMFP Astroinno battery; Single-cell energy density 240Wh/kg


China-based Goshen Hi-Tech launched the L600 Astroinno lithium manganese metal phosphate (LMFP) battery cell and pack on 12Th Gosh Technology Conference. This manganese doped LMFP Astroinno battery has a specific gravity of 240Wh/kg, volumetric energy density of 525Wh/l, cycle life of 4000 times at room temperature and 1800 times of cycle life at high temperature, explained Dr. Cheng Qian, Executive Director of Goshen Hi-Tech International Business Division.

After adopting the L600 cell, the volumetric cell-pack ratio reached 76%, and the energy density of the system reached 190Wh/kg, which exceeded the current mass-produced NCM cell pack energy density.

We can enable a range of 1000 km without relying on NCM materials because of the high energy density of the Astrono battery.

– Dr. Cheng


L600 Astroinno battery cell

According to Dr. Cheng, after ten years of in-house research on Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate (LMFP) materials, Gotion High-Tech MN has overcome the challenges of high temperature, low air permeability, and low packing density by using co-precipitation. , doping encapsulation technology, new granulation technology and new electro additives.

Gosh’s high-tech breakthroughs in LMFP are, on the one hand, due to the company’s deployment of forward-looking materials, which received the “IFP1865140-15Ah Prismatic LMFP Battery New Product Certificate” in 2014 and adopted the “New Product”. “Certification of LMFP Carbon Composite Cathode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries” in 2016; on the other hand, the success is also due to the company’s R&D efforts at the international level.

A research institute in Cleveland, Ohio has developed a new electrolyte for LMFP that greatly improves cycle and storage performance at high temperatures. With in-house LMFP materials and electrolytes, Gotion High-Tech Astroinno L600 has successfully built a battery cell.

LMFP’s Astroinno L600 battery cell is scheduled to begin mass production in 2024, Dr. Cheng said.

According to Dr. Cheng, in addition to improving and inventing battery material, there are many technical breakthroughs and innovations regarding the Astrono battery pack based on the new battery cell.


Astroinno battery pack

The Astroinno battery pack sandwich-structure uses double-sided liquid cooling technology and a minimal design, which reduces the structural parts of the battery pack by 45% and reduces the structural parts by 32%.

The compact electrical design allows the battery pack wire length to be reduced from 303m to 80m – only 26% of previous battery packs – but the volumetric cell-to-pack ratio reaches 76% and the pack’s power density reaches 190Wh/kg, higher than any NCM battery currently on the market. Energy density is greater.

In other words, without using the NCM battery system, the Goshan Hi-Tech Astroino battery pack has reached a distance of 1000 km for the first time in the industry, and has achieved an 18-minute fast charge over 1800 cycles.

In addition, internal safety is the main advantage of the Astroino battery pack: the thermal decomposition temperature of the materials used is much higher than third materials, which makes the materials internal safety. The thermal insulation materials in the house can withstand high temperatures of up to 1200 ° C, which is equivalent to putting a heat-resistant skin on the surface of the battery cell, and provides four main safety protections with rapid heat dissipation. Channels dedicated to extreme situations and active safety BMS.

The product has passed all penetration, hot box, overfill, overfill, heat runaway, crush and short circuit tests according to the new national standard.

On May 10, Goshen Hi-Tech wholly-owned Hefi Goshen Hi-Tech Power Energy Pvt. Ltd. (Previous post.)


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