Graham’s house was flooded by a business that was being built nearby


GRAHAM, Texas (KAUSH) – A home in Graham has been damaged by persistent flooding during heavy rains, and a business next door said it has been for three years.

The homeowners’ daughter, Joni Harden, said she has been pleading with the city of Graham and the owner of the storage business to fix the issue ever since.

“We talked to the owner and they went in and built a small wall, but they didn’t put any footing in so everything goes under the wall so there is still flooding. They came a month ago and put more concrete, but now it’s turning around and it’s still there… Every time it rains, it floods and damages the property,” Johnny said.

Graham City Manager Eric Garrety said the Harden family took the right steps when this all started, but it ended up being a civil case between the family and the business owner.

However, according to the Texas Water Code, a water exchange, the Harden family has options to pursue legal action.

“First of all, they came and talked to me as the city manager because I am responsible for all this. “In most cases, I’ll go to the city attorney or the city’s legal representative, then as the city attorney, the city officer, I’ll take the position from there,” Garrett said.

Looking at the Harden family yard, it’s clear to see that they love to take care of it. Johnny says her father is George Harden. They had a greener thumb than any other and loved their yard.

However, the flood has washed away the grass and is now causing problems with the house’s foundation.

“My mom is on her own now. I feel like they need to take responsibility and fix her house and fix the yard and most importantly fix it so she can’t deal with it,” Johnny said.


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