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As a small business owner, protecting the health and safety of my employees is one of my top priorities. Part of that is making sure they have access to affordable health care benefits and prescription drug coverage, the resources they need to continue serving our customers and grow my business.

However, small business owners like me are working harder than ever to make ends meet, and it’s getting harder and harder to afford health coverage for our employees. We know how business works; We don’t want the government to decide how we treat our workers. Unfortunately, big government mandates in Texas are driving up costs for businesses and patients, and it’s time for lawmakers in Austin to do something about it.

Meanwhile, big drug companies continue to raise the price of prescription drugs without any accountability. Their constant rate of inflation is higher than the rate of inflation, and in 2010 Drugmakers have already priced nearly 1,000 drugs by 2023 — as of the end of January.

This poll shows that 80% of Texas voters want affordable and accessible health care coverage, and more than 70% would go to another pharmacy if it meant getting more affordable prescription drugs.

However, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

A new bill sponsored by Senator Drew Springer, SB 605, would cut through red tape in the anti-commercial healthcare mandate and prevent price gouging at the pharmacy counter. This bill helps Texans get prescription drugs from low-cost pharmacies. Moreover, it helps reinforce the pro-business, limited-government ideologies that underpin our great empire.

We thank Senator Spring for taking a stand for small businesses, but this is just the first step. Now we need our other legislators to support it and act as a voice for all employers and workers in the state. We hope you will use this opportunity to promote affordable health coverage and prescription drugs for Texas businesses, workers and families.

This new legislative session, we’re asking our legislators to walk the walk and stand with Texas businesses and workers.

Brent Hagenbuch is the chairman of the Denton County Republican Party and a small business owner.


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