Health benefits of broccoli that you did not know


Broccoli has become a staple in Israeli cuisine in recent years due to its myriad flavors.

But what about broccoli? Such a healthy vegetableE, except for the delicious taste?

Dr. Maya Roseman discusses this strange vegetable in her “Good to Know” segment on 103FM.

“Broccoli is considered one of them Very healthy vegetables are available. It holds twice As much vitamin C as oranges, and it is ten times bigger than an apple. Unlike fruit, broccoli is low in sugar,” she says.

“It’s rich in calcium, and potassium, which is essential for our bones and muscles, helps control blood pressure. It also provides dietary fiber, prevents intestinal diseases, and is an important antioxidant.”

Broccoli (Credit: PIXAHIVE)

“Several studies have shown that broccoli is effective against various types of cancer, including prostate cancer, as well as diseases such as cataracts and arthritis,” she added. “Another encouraging fact is that broccoli contains a large amount of tryptophan – a substance that our brain uses to produce serotonin, promoting a positive mood and reducing the need for carbohydrates.”

Finally, Dr. Roseman explains the recommended cooking method: “Boilering broccoli can leach important minerals into the cooking water.” Steaming it for two minutes instead will keep the broccoli green. This step maximizes its nutritional value, allowing the nutrients to form. Easily absorbed by the body.”

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