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The Columbiana County and Mahoning County health districts each received funding from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s Mosquito Control Grant Program.

State Rep. Lauren McNally, D-Youngstown, announced $25,000 for Mahoning County Public Health and $19,900 for Columbiana County Public Health.

“These funds will help with mosquito monitoring and control, as well as community education and outreach. It’s important to educate the public about the dangers mosquitoes pose to their overall health.” McNally said at the press conference. “It’s great that both of these counties are receiving funding from the state and their awards are at or close to the total amount for the grant.”

The program through OEPA is a cooperative effort between the Ohio EPA and the Ohio Department of Health. “And to help local governments reduce and control the spread of mosquito-borne viruses like Zika, West Nile and La Crosse encephalitis.”

One of the mosquito prevention measures mentioned in a press release from Mahoning County Public Health is mosquito repellent spray for adults. Spraying can help reduce mosquito populations and prevent mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile virus. Adult mosquito control will occur in the following local areas in Mahoning County: Canfield Fairgrounds on June 19, Chaparral Camp on July 24 and Coy Park on August 21. Spraying is done between dusk and dawn and if there are rainy or windy conditions then spraying is done. Postpone. Anyone with beehives in these areas should call the Environmental Health Department (330-270-2855) to avoid spraying in those areas.

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