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As part of the country experiences extreme heat, health experts are warning about how some medicines can help your body handle extreme heat.

“Any of these can increase the risk of heat exhaustion and heat injury,” Knox County Public Health Officer Dr. Megan Edwards told the CBS affiliate. WVLT.

Medications can affect your body’s ability to reduce heat through evaporation, such as sweat, which can lead to heat stroke or extreme symptoms.

Some medications include heart and blood pressure medications, antihistamines such as over-the-counter allergy medications, or stimulant medications that children take for ADHD.

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“Some people may not know they’ve developed these heat-related illnesses, so get to know everyone in your group,” Edwards told WVLT.

Edwards adds that any medication that affects your alertness can make you less aware of getting too much sun.

Pharmacists say you don’t have to stop taking your medicine, but be more prepared when you know you’re going to be in heat.

“It’s important not to go outside, to keep warm and hydrated and to be well hydrated beforehand. If you’re taking regular medications, you may react differently in those situations,” says pharmacist Hank Peck.

Health experts say it’s also important to make sure you keep the medicine cool or at room temperature.

Excessive heat, such as placing them in a hot car, can reduce their effectiveness.


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