Here’s how daylight saving time affects your health


We’ll be moving forward this weekend. Daylight saving time is here, but not everyone thinks moving our clocks twice a year is a good move. Some metro Detroit doctors believe it can harm your health.

Recently, there has been a renewed push at home and abroad to stop the clock changing twice a year. Senator Marco Rubio has introduced legislation to permanently extend daylight saving. Depending on our time, the sun rises later and sets later, giving us more daylight in the evening.

Senator Jeff Irwin introduced the legislation Michigan To stay on the summer schedule all year round.

“Twice a year we volunteer to help Michiganders with more auto accidents and injuries,” Irwin said. “We see lower productivity and increased heart attacks and strokes, as well as a noticeable increase in overall obesity.”

When it comes to our health studies show that changing the clock has a negative effect on our overall well-being.

“The health risks associated with daylight saving time are related to premature aging and misalignment with our internal clock, otherwise known as our circadian rhythm,” says Shelgikar. “When this happens, it can cause a car accident. For hospital admissions, there is a high rate of medical errors. So, scientifically, we feel that constant regular time is good for our health because it better aligns our internal clock with the sun.

Watch the video above for the full story.

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